Lady on dating over 50 To ‘Run’ From guy that 3 Children with some other mothers

A woman asking if a man who’d three young children with three various mothers had been a
internet dating warning sign
has actually caused uproar on Mumsnet.

In a
towards child-rearing site’s Talk forum, individual tinderexplorer stated she’d already been on a second date with one, but he’d “dropped just a bit of a bombshell.”

“He has got 3 [children] with 3 females,” she penned. “they’re 12, 10 and 6.”

The woman date mentioned he’s good interactions with each of his three children. She failed to ask exactly why the relationships along with their moms broke down.

“Im now thinking exactly what has gone on with his previous interactions,” she mentioned. “In addition ponder in the event that [children] had been planned or perhaps not.”

Tinderexplorer mentioned she’d “thought there seemed to be prospective” after the basic date, but the news provides transformed her down.

“Red flag?” she questioned.

Mumsnet consumers informed the poster to “run for all the hills,” because of the blog post getting over 500 reviews.

an inventory photograph of a woman evaluating her big date disapprovingly across a restaurant table. Mumsnet customers urged the poster to forget her date after discovering he has got three youngsters with three various women.

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Is actually Several Kids With Several Exes a Red Flag?

Household therapist Shadi Shahnavaz, located in London, U.K, stated having young ones with multiple associates isn’t just a red flag.

“in certain societies it is extremely usual to possess various partners and have youngsters with these people, and it also does not automatically indicate that he’s got commitment problems,” she told


The reality that tinderexplorer’s go out provides good commitment with his young children is a positive sign relating to Shahnavaz, but she would recommend finding-out why his previous relationships ended.

“Just because they have perhaps not discovered a stable companion in the previous relationships doesn’t suggest that he’s incapable of devote,” she said. “truthful and open interaction is vital within this circumstance. [The poster] can assess the situation through their particular conversations and understand what particular connection he is in search of.”

Going prematurely, bad-mouthing exes and inconsistent behavior are simply just several
red flags to understand when internet dating some body brand-new

Maybe you have observed any warning flag that made you conclude a relationship? Inform us via We are able to ask experts for information, as well as your tale could possibly be highlighted on


‘Imagine the continual Drama’

Mumsnet users thought that three youngsters with three various women ended up being a poor signal, with Ukri contacting it a “massive red-flag.”

“Goodness you may not need ask?!” mentioned sorrynotathome.

“operate plus don’t look back,” stated Whatifthegrassisblue.

an inventory photo of a new girl evaluating her cellphone with an alarmed phrase on her face. The poster started having second thoughts about the woman date, after discovering he is a father of three.

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“think of the constant crisis with 3 baby mammas around,” added LaLuz7.

“and so i presume he isn’t likely to desire to use condoms then,” composed KangarooKenny, while Everydaywheniwakeup doubted the woman day had “stamina.”

“it does not precisely suggest he’s responsible or good lasting bet, does it,” stated Numbat2022. “whether it’s that the guy found myself in interactions, quickly had children following broke up… nah.”

However, some people advised providing the guy an opportunity in any event, at the very least until she knows a lot more about his existence.

“We have 4 children to 3 men,” mentioned LucyAnn35. “I agree that it may sound like a red flag but it might not be. I do believe it depends on what features occurred in each one of his relationships.”

“I’d wish to know the complete tale before condemning him,” agreed felulageller. “If there seemed to be an equivalent mum attempting to time we’d state do it and condemn one for criticising her.”

Lunar1 suggested tinderexplorer to take into account whether life as a stepmother to 3 young children is on her in the long run.

“do you wish to live your life according to a contract routine that needs to be discussed with three differing people?” she questioned.

Tinderexplorer isn’t really the only person to express her dating problems making use of net. TikToker @amberwavesofbrain went viral in December after generating a
PowerPoint of the woman discouraging online dating life in 2022
, while a Wisconsin woman will not date any man her
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was not capable confirm the important points on the situation.